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RANT: Banned from BG Halo Classic server, no cheating, no hacking, no aimbots etc:
Sep 07, 2023 6:29 PM
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I was banned from BG Halo Classic server on Thursday September 7th at about 6pm local time Paraguay, one hour before writing this, so I create an account here to post this and they say that they do not allow users to post right away after creating an account, witch is also an undesirable situation since I was unable to express myself right away. So I copied the text and pasted it later with some modifications in order to not loose the heat of the moment.

I do not use aimbots, I do not hack, I do not cheat, ask anyone who ever played with me...

Today, for the first time I started falling thru the floor, I started getting stuck in place without being able to moove and without weapons, unable to jump or anything to get out of that situation, so I disconnect and reconnect, as the game loads back up im again fine and able to run around, so I go out and play for a few seconds and then I either fall thru the floor or I get stuck in place with no weapons and unable to turn around and walk.

This happened like 5 to 6 times in a row, then when I try to log in at about the fifth or 6th time to play I get a message that I was banned from playing on that server.

Also I have no way of contacting the server admin to try to fix this or understand what happened.

I personally suspect that some hacker got in to the game and deliberately created these issues for me so that I disconnect and reconnect many times in order to keep me from playing.
Sep 07, 2023 6:51 PM
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Sep 07, 2023 7:39 PM
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Server Manager: sard55nl

says he has "private profile"... how do I contact him?

Maybe someone could bump him and show him my rant? lol
Sep 08, 2023 4:50 PM
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Let me put this straight, this is kind of a comment about the server that I was kicked out of, its unclear why I was kicked out, just so others can find this on the internet and see it.

I assume that I was kicked out for being able to properly shoot, being accused of using an aimbot, I use my mouse a lot and actually take my time to aim at people attempting to get my bullets in to their characters, you can clearly see in my gaming that I use my mouse for driving, in all Grand Theft Auto games I drove with my mouse, I love it, its the closest to a joystick you can have, once mastered you cant go back to keyboard driving, I mean I use keyboard to accelerate and stop but I use the mouse to drive.

If you go around the Halo servers you will probably find a map every now and then where there are warthogs, and if you go on those servers you will probably find ME, P-rim driving a warthog like there is no tomorrow (I actually practice) you can ask other players, they probably found me around doing just that.

So I indulge in the art of mousing around, and anyone who ever drove the warthog will tell you its difficult being that driving is a bit tricky and you have to use your mouse a lot to aim where you want it to go.

If being able to actually use your mouse is considered using an aimbot, then God forbid that a former marine come along and try to play on the server GB Halo Classic. I talk about the driving because I assume aimbots don't drive, much less so as good as I am able to.

I am passionate about stuff that I do, and I tend to do them well, or fail until I am overwhelmingly good at it.

I do still only assume I was kicked from the server because of being accused of using an aimbot. I could just mask my IP and still go at it to play under a different alias or whatever but im actually taking my time writing this down here hoping others will see it. Im a public person, I don't hide stuff under a mat.

I have seen immaturity and I know how the human mind functions, all I can say for certain is some degree of immaturity or some degree of imagination was used in order to give me a terminating kick from the server, or the admin gave admin rights to some immature bad looser who kicked me from the server because he felt bad that I was not letting him steal my flag with too much ease.

If anyone can show this to the admin of BG Halo Classic great. Anyone can prove that what I am saying is true, since you WILL probably find me alone on a server driving a warthog like a madman, and I challenge you, anyone, to join me on an empty server and hop in to my warthog to see if I am saying the truth or not about my insane-looney driving ability (gained thru practice) I am P-rim
Sep 08, 2023 4:56 PM
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chimaera500 wrote:
See: I was banned from a game server

Thank you.

I checked, I was unable to contact the guy, so I finished with a final rant.

I wrote all that so that if someone search for something related on google that they find my rant, I guess im the only madman ranting out here about a server, I understand you can't do much about it, but thanks for letting me put it out there.

I incur in all this rant stuff because that particular server is the one I liked the most.

Is there a section where I could talk about ideas for a server? I have some ideas for halo servers, specially ones where you have to be a good gunner to actually take someone down.
Sep 08, 2023 8:16 PM
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As of an hour ago I tried and was actually able to play again. So I have been unbaned and have been playing again.

Sep 09, 2023 4:55 AM
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p_rim wrote:
As of an hour ago I tried and was actually able to play again. So I have been unbaned and have been playing again.


I'd love to learn some of your driving skills.

-AD- BlitzKrieg

catch me on BFM Saturday and Wednesday 9PM CST

Lickity's Friday's 9 PM CST

I'd love to play on Hog Squad Combat Evolved but don't have a password.