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Nor Admin Mod for GMod - Administration System 2024
Feb 22, 2024 9:58 PM
Joined: Feb 28, 2021
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Updates of Nor Admin Mod for GMod - Administration System 3.9 released:

✔️ Fixes Lua errors:
[nor_admin_mod] */sv_nor_admin_mod.lua:648: attempt to compare number with nil value
Added shortcut for future NRank script.

⚡ Optimization
Major optimization of server-side and client-side administration systems.
Reduction in the size of resource files (workshop).
Major aesthetic improvements.

🧱 Improved
Replacement of hooks noted as obsolete on the official Gmod wiki which will be removed in future Gmod updates.
Aesthetic improvements to the server administration interface.
Source code optimization. Size reduction.

🚀 Added
Adds a shortcut to the NCredit - Gmod Premium Currency script.
Adds the ability to give, withdraw and set credits from the online player's administration menu without going through the NCredit management panel.

Next script shortcut button added (Gmod Dynamic Map Switching - World Expansion). This avoids the need to use commands to open the menu.
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