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New addon Gmod: Door Lockpicks System released.
Aug 09, 2023 6:26 AM
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Get the script here:

📗 Overview of Gmod Lockpicking System Extension

The Gmod Lockpicking System extension stands as a valuable addition to Garry's Mod, introducing an advanced and engaging mechanism for picking locks. This enhancement places it among the top-tier choices in the market. By incorporating a heightened level of interactivity, it contributes an extra layer of dynamics to your server environment. Notably, players can engage in lockpicking activities without necessitating the introduction of supplementary entities onto the map. This design promotes efficient utilization of server resources, ensuring seamless gameplay without the encumbrance of physics-related or network-related overhead.

The embedded administrative system within the Lockpicking System extension offers commendable flexibility in configuring locks across the server map. Parameters such as lockpicking complexity, the count of pins to elevate, and even the visual aesthetics of the lock's animation can be tailored. The user has the freedom to establish static locks that remain unaltered following each server restart. Alternatively, the system can dynamically generate fresh locks with each reboot, introducing an element of unpredictability and challenge to the players' experience.

The script also encompasses an autonomous progression system, granting players the opportunity to embark on their lockpicking journey at level 1 and advance through experience accumulation. Proficiency in lockpicking can be honed by successfully navigating locks, and even unsuccessful attempts yield valuable experience. This lockpicking proficiency system operates independently from any other leveling mechanism present within the server environment.

The act of lockpicking is portrayed as an interactive mini-game. Upon a player's endeavor to pick a lock, a notification appears in their vicinity. This sets the stage for utilizing swep lockpick kits. Players can opt from the available selection of lockpicks, execute the command "/lockpick" in the chat interface, or employ the inventory to initiate the lockpicking process. An animation ensues, challenging the player to identify the appropriate angle for elevating all lock pins. Upon successfully raising all the pins, the lock becomes unlockable. Subsequently, players can relock the device through a similar process.

Furthermore, the extension demonstrates robust compatibility with other server systems, including Gmod Loot Furniture Designer, Gmod Lock and Key System + Door Manager, and Gmod Keypads System. These systems synergize cohesively without triggering conflicts or dependencies. It's important to note that none of these scripts are obligatory to utilize the Gmod Lockpicking System, and they are not designated as DLC content.

An exclusive administrative panel empowers users to oversee all locked doors on the map through a centralized menu. Doors are distinguishable by numerical identifiers, while the option to append personalized notes aids in easy identification.

The Gmod Lockpicking System boasts significant adaptability through its gameplay modules, facilitating system mechanics customization by toggling specific options from the administrative menu.

Moreover, the script facilitates the installation of pickable locks on doors sans the necessity of introducing supplementary entities onto the map. This approach promotes server optimization by maintaining a minimal entity count.

Finally, the extension introduces four distinct styles of spawnable lockpicking kits, each endowed with unique attributes. Players can exchange these kits, fostering a collaborative environment.
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Aug 09, 2023 11:27 PM
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The features you’ve outlined—such as the interactive lockpicking mini-game, the administrative system for lock configuration, and the autonomous progression system—seem to add depth and realism to the game. Find Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2024 for professional drafting at If you’re looking for assistance with implementing or customizing this extension, or if you have any specific questions about its functionality, feel free to ask! Whether it’s about setting up the difficulty levels, managing the progression system, or integrating the extension into your server, I’m here to help.
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