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#1 [DarkRP] - 20+ Jobs, FastDL, New content! - NEEDS STAFF
Oct 13, 2021 9:17 AM
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ECG BigCity is EastCoastGaming's take on an all time favorite game type, DarkRP. With a huge focus on creating both an enjoyable cycle of gameplay and an ecosystem that rewards/punishes players based off of level of risk/difficulty. Earn money, build bases, find a role that suits you best!

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Looking to hire 15+ new game-server moderators for both our GMod & Rust servers! Contact AdjacentAce by joining the ECG Discord

- 20+ Functioning Jobs
- Billy's script repository to ensure accurate moderation, fast load times with compressed lua files, and premium tools for active staff on duty
- Full radio system between police units
- Complete jailing/unjailing system with working handcuffs, rewards for confiscating illegal weapons, and a custom jailing system which allows police to set the time in jail through a Police Station NPC. Friends/Players may bail another player out through the Bailer NPC
- Full bank with working Vaults, a banker/bank security job, and automatic warrants for failing to break in
- TDM Cars and full VLC content for lights/ems lights & sounds
- Complete Pot Cultivation, Consumption Effects, and Selling with benefits for Police who successfully counter dealers operations
- Complete Meth Cooking, Consumption Effects, and drop off with benefits for both crime/opposing police classes.
- Premium Coke dealer job for incrased forms of earning money as Crime
- Daily rewards
- Working DJ class
- Dedicated Server Hosting (Premium Speeds/Protections against attackers)