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Gmod Store Creator
Oct 11, 2021 6:32 PM
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Get this new Gmod Store Creator :

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Description of Gmod Store Creator
Gmod Npcs Store Builder is a complete Gmod addon, which will allow you to build stores, quickly and easily. Configure several blinds all different from each other in game with it.
It also contains a currency system allowing it to work with DarkRP or without DarkRP installed or any Gamemode.

Are you looking for a Store addon for Gmod? And that can work with DarkRP gamemode and that can also work without any gamemode? With great customization possibilities? To be able to make several store on the same server? Then "Gmod Npcs Store Builder" is for you.

Reinforce the depth of your server's background with walking NPCs who will have interesting things to say in addition to offering a blind that you will have completely customized from A to Z.

This addon is intended for your GMod server, it allows you to place merchants everywhere on your map and in all the postures that the model will allow, for example, lying down, sitting on a chair, you can as well replace the model of a NPC by any other that fits your universe, there is no obligation that it is a model of NPCs, for example a drink dispenser.

How it works on the user side. Your user sees a merchant and presses USE to interact with him, then the merchant will say a phrase that you will have configured from a nice simple and intuitive interface. This will help to give a personality to your merchants.
The merchant will then wait for a response that will display the contents of the store or another to simply pass by.
The answers that the player will have as choices will also be something that you will have created. For those who don't want this little message system found in RPGs, putting an empty field in the text will remove this type of interaction and go directly to the store when the user presses the used key.

Numerous customization options for each blind can make them unique. Both aesthetically and in content. The prices will be your prices. Forget the shop of DarkRP or not, since the different store generated with "Gmod Npcs Store Builder" can work independently of the rest, even without gamemode installed, the difference is that the store will be editable in game directly and you can also make hidden stores that the user will have to find and why not use the NPCs to make them say clues that will reveal secrets on your server.

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