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All Gmod scripts created for your Gmod servers - June 2021
Jun 08, 2021 12:27 AM
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All scripts created by Norda - Originahl Scripts

All scripts for your gmod servers you will find to this day : In my Gmod Addons Store

NPC Death Loot Manager - version 1.1
NPC Death Loot Manager is my 5th GMod addon of the year 2021. It is about adding a gameplay mechanic to your server that is usually found in MMORPGs. It allows you to configure in real time from a clean and intuitive interface, the loot inventory of each class of Npc dropped when they die, choose the probability of dropping the npc, the quantity possible. All of this allows you to make items more or less rare from the list. For example you can set up special loots for a Boss.

Gmod Escape Menu Editor - version 1.8
Gmod Escape Menu Editor, is a Gmod addon that is used to fully edit your own Escape menu in a custom way. This script will contribute to the aesthetic identity of your server to make it unique. Bring out your personality through a visual identity that you will have entirely imagined and that you can modify as you wish! With the possibility to make each element clickable and to choose if it is a URL or a Command.

Gmod Deathscreen Customisable - version 1.7
No more standardized deathscreens that you can find everywhere. GMOD DEATHSCREEN CUSTOMISABLE allows you to make a nice Deathscreen in real time on a clean, simple and clear interface! Imagine it and do it without any Lua or Glua skills. With this tool you will be able to do whatever you imagine, play music or sound at the moment of the player's death, force a waiting time before respawn, be in accordance with the theme of your project even in your Deathscreen by customizing it totally.

Gmod Scoreboard Editable - version 1.9
First of all you finally buy a unique identity for your server that reflects your project, no more servers with all the same Scoreboard, and so on. Give your customers a feeling that they are on something unique. Editable Scoreboard (also called Tab menu), meets the needs of users who require an elegant and customizable panel quickly and without going through the upload images on the workshop. The little flirt is that it also includes a list of useful actions to act as an administrator. Click on the player to heal him, kicker, teleport, etc. Which works even if your gamemode is not a DarkRP.

NPCs Spawn Point Creator - version 1.6
Dynamically generate spawn points for NPCs and Nextbot customizable, quantity, delay, max life point of each, rally position after appearance, default weapons, original model, and includes a npcs optimization module. Configure how far away the system generates npcs, if the player moves away from it the npcs despawn automatically, can be activated and deactivated from its interface.

Loot Spawn Point Editor 2 - version 1.7
Loot Spawn Point Editor second generation is a system for generating positions that will generate the loot spawn on your server, you will be able to choose the rate of chance of appearance and also the rate of rarity if your point can generate several different items. It works not only for entities. To optimize your server an option is added so that if the players are too far away the spawn is disabled and the generated loot is removed, and it is possible to set the system that generates the loot when the player presses "Use" in the scenery such as a piece of furniture for example.

Report Tickets System - version 1.5
Report Tickets is a system who allows you to classify and process your users' reports in a professional way, it can be a bug report, suggestion, or users report. If you take care of it, it offers a better organization in your management and provides a better experience for your users or customers, on your side the resolution of problems will improve your server. This Reports script will contribute to your professional image and give a guarantee of quality to your users

DarkRP F4 Menu customizable - version 2.5
DarkRP F4 menu is a system to choose a job while staying informed about the important points of the job (Salary, Information, List of commands), editable in real time, without the need to restart your server. This allows you to easily modify the interface and increase the visibility of your important links and also the statistics on your servers.

Gmod Discord Logging System - version 2.0
Gmod Discord Logging System is a gmod addon that allows the integration of Discord to your Gmod server, whether it's a DarkRP or other gamemode, it works with everything. It is a system that allows you to send and store logs from your Garry's Mod servers to your Discord server in text rooms using webhooks that you can generate. You do not need to connect to your Gmod server to access them. This system also allows you to check in from Android, Windows and Apple devices.

Scripts Command Center - version 1.4
Scripts Command Center is a system to Centralize all your commands in one unique customizable interface. For all scripts, Forget about using the console and post-its thanks to this system.

Two music areas system - version 2.3
Two music areas system allows you to give a musical ambiance to an environment or in a small zone, for example a musicis launched when a user enter in a store, a building, and it also allows you to name a place which will be notified in the corner of HUD when the player will enter the area

Loot Spawn Point Editor - version 2.9
Loot Spawn Point Editor first generation is a system for generating loot points on your server, placing points on the loot and choosing the luck rate and reappearance time. It works not only for items, but also for Npcs spawn points. The spawn is random, but it is possible to set the system that spawns the loot when the player presses "Use" on an furniture.

Area Restrictor - version 2.8
Area Restrictor is a system for editing areas not accessible by certain users, ULX or Job rank can be used to allow access to it

S.A.C.S Server map Optimizer - version 2.9
S.A.C.S is a system that automatically keeps your servers clean and it allows your server to reboot on a clean map with fewer entities than originally to reduce the use of the bandwidth you have chosen

Player Spawn Point Editor - version 4.3
Official Player Spawn Point Editor is a complete gmod spawn manager, editable in real time. Keep an overview that is quick and easy to customize without rebooting your server. Player Spawn Point Editor fix also darkrp set spawn command

Todo list Manager - version 3.0
The to do list system for your gmod server allows you to give your daily or weekly goals to your users or staff, it can be used as gameplay content or for the development status of your project.

Youtube Manager System - version 2.7
Youtube Manager System for GMod, is a Sound System generate by Youtube links. Create and manage a playlist easily with this system with a simple links, as the owner of your server, you can play the music you want during your events

Event Planning Editor - version 2.9
Event Planning Editor is a script to organize your events and communicate their existence. Get organized. Plan your event in a clear way for everyone on your Gmod or DarkRP servers

Job Agenda Editor - version 3.9
DarkRP Job Agenda Editor is a system for your Gmod servers, plan your job agendas. It is combined with a day of the week and hourly time cycle system. Compatible with all dakrp

Job Whitelist system - version 5.4
My Official Whitelist Job System. The first Whitelist job system of GMod, that I had published on Gmodstore I continued to update. Job Whitelist system is a script to restrict the access to a job, editable in real time for your gmod DarkRP server. Players not in the Job-whitelist can not access on the job you decided to lock to the public. It helps you to save time and increases the reliability of your servers.

Whitelist Server Access - version 3.0
Whitelist Server Access will allow you to have a whitelist on your GMod server and to filter the players allowed to access your server. A password can be shared, not the accesses system of this addon. You can filter the connection and choose who can connect. It is possible to choose which day of the week the system works. For example only VIP members can join on weekends.

Ambiance Server Manager - version 2.6
Ambiance Server Manager is an automated audio management system, customizable by the server owner from its interface. Can manage and create many playlists, scan the system for audio file locations

Safezones Systems - version 3.5
The SafeZone is a dynamic and customizable system that is real-time and persistent, modify its zone of action, block the use of weapons in the zone OR remove them from the user's inventory when they enter it OR disable the damage if you wish

Zmod Original Soundtracks - version 1.6
Zmod was the very first Gamemode on Garry's Mod, a Sandbox Zombie survival Horror, which evolved into Zworld-Afterlife. Here are the musics I created for Zmod, of which I am the author and creator

Two Compass Systems - version 1.8
The compass is a navigational instrument for connected users consisting of a needle that aligns with the north position of the map. It thus indicates North. Compatible with all Gamemode in Gmod, Sandbox, DarkRP, MilitaryRP, TTT,and more
Zworld official website :
More scripts for your Gmod server :