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New Haven - Fortwars!
Mar 01, 2021 10:15 PM
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Long Version
New Haven is excited to announce that we have revived the beloved game mode Fortwars on Garry’s Mod! New Haven consists of a dedicated team committed to classic game modes. We also have an active discord server with over 70 players. Fortwars was first created in 2008 by Darklands Servers and has grown a loyal community of fans over the years.

Fortwars is a FPS game mode that consists of teams fighting for control of the ball while building forts out of props to provide cover. Fortwars is easy to learn and has a surprising amount of strategic depth as well. Gain money by killing enemies, holding the ball, healing allies, and destroying enemy bases! Feel free to donate to the team for special rewards like being able to fly around during the build phase.

Fortwars includes:
19 classes with unique identities, playstyles, and upgrades
Over 200 community made maps
A support team that quickly responds to issues
A friendly and welcoming player base
Developers that listen and incorporate community feedback
Chat commands such as skipping build phase, and resetting spawn

Much of the strategy and fun of fortwars comes from the 19 different classes. These are:

Weapon: Glock
Description: Starting class, speedy and with some extra health. Right click to yell “HAX” at anyone better than you.
Upgrade: No respawn delay, so you can rush those bases faster!
Weapon: Deagle
Description: Extremely powerful if you can land headshots. Slow but packs a punch
Upgrade: Use energy to dodge bullets

Weapon: USP (suppressed)
Description: Jumps high, runs fast, holds the ball well.
Upgrade: Double Jump

Weapon: Scout Sniper Rifle
Description: Uses a high powered sniper rifle to take enemies out at a distance. One shot per magazine: make it count.
Upgrade: Second level of scope zoom

Weapon: M249 LMG
Description: Thicc man with a light machine gun. Slow, but uses his high health and damage to hold down positions.
Upgrade: 25% damage taken reduction

Weapon: Knife
Description: Stealthily cloaks to deliver devastating backstabs. Great for sneaking into enemy bases
Upgrade: Doesn’t use energy while standing still

Weapon: Super Shotty
Description: Walking CQB fortress, soak up damage and give buckshot to your friends
Upgrade: none

Weapon: Blowing yourself up
Description: Destroy those pesky bases by suicide bombing them to dust. Don’t worry, you respawn. Channel your inner Rick James with this class.
Upgrade: Plantable C4 to destroy bases

Weapon: M4
Description: Great all around class. Good fire rate and accuracy.
Upgrade: Launch a grenade from your M4

Weapon: AK-47
Description: High damage potential if you can control the recoil. This class is also very versatile.
Upgrade: 10 extra rounds in your clip

Weapon: Lightning
Description: Pick your shots carefully and your lightning will be dealing great damage. Uses energy as ammo
Upgrade: Chain Lightning (can hit multiple enemies)

Weapon: Dual Pistols
Description: This iconic class is capable of jumping across the map, picking off enemies with akimbo pistols and being an unrivalled ball carrier
Upgrade: none

Weapon: SG550 Sniper Rifle
Description: Sniper with more bullets in his clip than the hitman and is able to fire rapidly. Best used when you build a sniper outpost in a high place
Upgrade: Second level of zoom on scope

Weapon: P90
Description: Slow moving class that is heavily reliant on its upgrade for mobility. Great for offense and ball control when used by a skilled player
Upgrade: Use A/D to dash laterally across the map

Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Description: This class uses high damage rockets that can obliterate most targets with a direct hit. Extremely useful for taking out enemy bases in hard to reach places.
Upgrade: Use a laser pointer to guide those rockets with pin-point accuracy

Weapon: Grenaaades!
Description: This class lobs grenades. Very useful when enemies are grouped together, or when thrown into bases.
Upgrade: Sticky grenades that can be stuck on teammates

Weapon: MAC-10
Description: Fast and agile, this is a great budget offensive class
Upgrade: Use energy to run faster

Weapon: UMP-45
Description: This is for the real team-players. Rush to the frontlines to heal allies, or stick back in base to help your buddies.
Upgrade: none

Pumpkin Man
Weapon: Pumpkin Launcher
Description: Throw out pumpkins that will seek out enemies. If a pumpkin hits, throw an additional pumpkin for 50 energy
Upgrade: You laugh out loud at your humiliating! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Engineer (new class)
Weapon: Five Seven Pistol
Description: Repair props to keep up your fort’s defenses. Extremely helpful at helping your team lock down the ball.
Upgrade: none

Come check it out!

Server address:
Link to discord:

New Haven also runs Zombie Survival, Puzzles, and Minecraft servers. See the discord group for more details.