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Civilgamers Military RP
Oct 06, 2020 5:05 PM
Joined: Oct 06, 2020
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Civilgamers is proud to present a new Military Rp server on gmod.

The server contains:

VWar: Custom all-in-one MRP game management system, including advanced territory capturing system where your fight against the enemy faction in order to capture their base and win the war, custom arrest system, characters, ranks and regiments.

Building FOB's: Work alongside your regiment to build Forward Operating Bases to fortify your position and give you an advantage in the battle, strategize and plan supply routes to give your supply trucks safe passage for delivering supplies to your FOB, and sabotage enemy supply routes to give your team a strategic edge in the battle!

Custom Vehicles: We have custom Arma 2 vehicles that are unique and have highly detailed interiors.

Real Time Map: An advanced real-time map that allows you to see what is occurring around the map.

Spotting: Undergo recon missions to uncover enemy locations, and use the custom spotting system to relay these locations back to your commanders!

Spies: Take part in undercover covert missions into enemy territory, disguise yourself and sneak into the enemy ranks to retrieve crucial intelligence to help win the war!

Airstrike: Call in a tactical airstrike on an enemy location.

And much more!