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★★ - {CustomRP| Rares| Inventory| FastDL| Hiring}★★
Aug 22, 2020 10:02 PM
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A Little About Us
DesolutionRP has been reborn once again. We were conquering the Garry's Mod DarkRP scene back in 2015 alongside Divinity and ZARP up until 2017 when we were continuously targeted with malicious acts(not going to mention which community, but it was quite obvious) causing our server to be null-routed for 8 hours each day. This lead us to switching the server over to a more reliable host that could perhaps help filter these attacks. Upon doing so, this required a new IP. At the time, we didn't focus too much on advertising our website or steam group so this lead to a huge decline in the playerbase which caused our team to lose motivation and unfortunately resulting in a shut down of our server.

Why join us?
Here at DesolutionRP we try our best to allow the players to, in a sense, design the server the way they'd like it to be played by taking into consideration the amount of votes on a particular suggestion. One thing I personally have noticed over my 7,000+ hours in DarkRP alone is that there are always a few jobs that are there basically for looks. They are a dead piece of content. This is something we will always steer away from. Our jobs will be continuously monitored to make sure this does not happen. In a situation where it does, we will either revamp the job or remove it and come up with something else. Same concept for any scripts we have in play.

Raiding and Building

Whether you are an avid raider or builder, DesolutionRP is the right server for you. We have an awesome raiding & building system that is fairly balanced while also remaining competitive for both sides, raiders and defenders. With our systems you are able to blow a door right off the henge with a shotgun. Completely demolish a players base with a Rocket Launcher. Break into homes by "ghosting" props with our Ghoster. On the other hand, for defenders, we have certain weapons that can be used to fire through walls to help prevent a raider from getting in. We also have some explosive weaponry that'll help out great with defending! You can even build bases that are more resistant to ghosters and rocket launchers.

Staff Team
With Desolution's devoted, mature & reliable staff team combined with a very in-depth logging system, we can almost guarantee that if someone broke a rule, they will be punished accordingly to help keep everything running smoothly for you. We strongly believe that our staff team are the face of the server so we have a very strict "three-strike" policy for our staff. The smallest of rules that have been broken by a fellow staff member, can result in a strike. Depending on the severity of said rule broken, multiple strikes can be given at once. Each strike also comes with a 24-hour ban. On the third strike, however, it will be accompanied by a revoke of administrational powers and a three day ban. We do not let our staff get off easy.

Rare Drop Timer: We figured rares could become kind of overpowered so to help with this, we added a drop timer for rares. This adds a 30 second timer before it can be dropped to place into your inventory. Due to the timer, this will cause people to be a little more sketched out with using them while also increasing the chances of the rare getting lost.

Perks: We have created a way for players to increase their abilities with certain events. We have added perks that'll increase lockpicking time, pickpocketing percentage, players run speed and more! These perks also require certain achievements to have been completed before you're able to unlock them. As an example, for the lockpicking perk you would need to have lockpicked an X amount of doors before you are able to purchase. Perks only add a very slight advantage over others, but are completely attainable for everyone.

Chest & Keys: We have a completely custom chest near the players spawn points. This chest requires a key for a chance of getting a rare drop.There are three tiers to the keys. The higher the tier, the higher the chance of hitting the rare drop table. To obtain these keys, there is a very slim chance you could find a key inside the dumpster as a hobo. We will also have a key shop where you could purchase keys with RPCash to test your luck! Who knows, it might pay off.

Civil Protection: For this class we offer a completely custom armory for resupply of ammo, guns, health and armor. We also have a completely custom bank vault for you to protect. All doors to enter the police department have been replaced with "energy barriers" that civil protection can walk through, but raiders cannot. However, raiders can destroy the energy barriers so be on alert.

Hobo - The ability to dive through dumpsters that we have in various locations. As a Hobo, you can search through these dumpsters to find all types of goods. You can find weapons players have discarded for whatever their reason may be. You could even find drugs which happen to be the main meta for obtaining maximum health and maximum armor.

Hobo Leader - As a leader of the Hobos, your job is to guide to them. You are able to assemble a group of these hobos and go out and raid bases with items that are provided from the dumpsters ONLY. How would we know you got the items from the dumpster? Well, we have logs that we can retrieve from any player on whether or not said items were retrieved from a dumpster or purchased from a gun dealer.

Drug Dealer - As a drug dealer, you provide the community with marijuana or cocaine. Go figure, right? Well, not only are you the dealer, but you also manufacture the drugs. This job comes with a pot plant that requires a marijuana seed. When the seed touches the pot, you will notice a sudden difference as the plant starts to "grow". You will also have a cocaine lab which will require a coke chemical to start the process. This job was a huge hit back in the day as a means for money making as it is the main supplier for health and armor.

Thief - As a thief, your job is obviously to steal. This job comes equipped with a weapon that can be used to steal 10% of players wallet. Sounds like a bad idea, huh? Well, we thought that too until we implemented a fully custom ATM that you can simply deposit and withdrawal your money from.

Fight Club Owner - With this lovely role, you can build your own fight club and have fighters from all over the server matchup in a fight to the death. You can have players place bets which you can keep a small percentage of to keep your business running! Remember, we don't talk about fight club.

Sewer Dweller - This job is purely for fun and has no real purpose. As a sewer dweller, you're equipped with a knife which you can use to kill anyone who is in your sewer. If you come above ground, however, you will be considered "kill on sight".

Starline Hotel Owner - You run and manage a hotel. All doors can be purchased by you which you can then rent out to players for whatever price you would like to and you can also offer them protection as it is your building. You may collect rent basically as often as you'd like, but the bare minimum for collecting is every 30 minutes.

Plenty of other jobs and content with a unique/common purpose. I'll leave that up to you guys and girls to come check out.



Server IP:

-To connect, simply run Garry's Mod and open your console with the ` key and then proceed to type or copy and paste the following line: connect
If you are having issues understanding the above line, we can make this a little more simple by pasting this following line into your web-browser: steam://connect/

~Server Images~

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Bump - Starting to gain player traction. Come join in on the fun!
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That's a pretty nice offer, I wish I could enter your group, but I think It's useless since I play only a few times a month because of my job.