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Sep 10, 2019 3:49 AM
Joined: Mar 09, 2014
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Hello, I am Owner DegenerateManiac of Void Community.

I'm here to introduce to you our Garry's Mod DarkRP server called: Void DarkRP that is ran on the map 'rp_downtown_tits_v2'.

Now, before you jump to conclusions, yes, it's another DarkRP server, HOWEVER, we have a more custom and unique style than most.

And of course, many other servers claim this too and turn out to be false, but we at Void truly wanted to be the needle in the haystack.

We have a clear focus on what we wanted for our Server from start to finish, a 'playground' and we're not ashamed of it being this way.

We may have weapons that could be considered 'taken' and not 'custom', however what makes them custom is not their models, but their actual coding. We strip most of our weapons within the server and make it our own code, however we use the model the weapon was provided with so we can get it the way we want it.

To clairfy playground, I mean we have a lot of enjoyable and original ideas within the server, I'll provide a list below containing what we have!

We at Void Community hope you look into our server after you've read it's features!

I look forward to entertaining you and many more through our servers!

Void DarkRP IP:
Void Community Steam:
Void Community Website:
Void Community Discord:

P.S. These features are in no particular order.

•Donator Jobs are actually FREE to earn through our Pointshop System and can be permanently unlocked without paying!

•Arcade Machines.

•Weed Growing System.

•Meth Cooking System.

•Cocaine Cooking System.

•Mushroom Growing System.

•Bank System that pays Law Enforcement the more money it has, but can also be robbed!



•Oil System.

•ATM System.

•Unboxing System.

•Chess and Checkers.

•Judge System.

•Economy System which comes with the ability to demote the Mayor through their death.

•Level System.

•Questing System.

•Inventory System.

•Casino System which contains: Coilfip, Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, and Crash.

•NPC's some of which are mini-bosses that give large rewards through Quests or just overall big XP through killing. Along with Event Bosses that give you huge rewards!

•Party System.

•Police Dashboard System.

•Pointshop 1.

•Mining System.

•Steam Group Rewards System.

•Fading Door, Keypads, Precision, and Stacker.

•Health Vials that don't instant heal you to a certain amount of health, but rather over-time heals you.

•In-Game menu that reveals Job Rules to help encourage players to follow them.

•Overall FAIR server rules that aren't too strict but also aren't too relaxed.

•Very dedicated and hard-working staff (they strive for calls, plus, we're always hiring!)

•Custom Made Weapon Base that use M9K weapon models, but not their base code making it more optimized and reliable.

•Unqiue Jobs: [[[
A Tank Law Enforcement that carries a large weapon with them along with a Stunstick that locks a player up for easy arrest.

Corvo Attano with the ability to blink and shoot at the sametime, while being a Hitman.

Prankster that has pranking abilities (This Job is more enjoyable to find out what these Pranking Abilities are, don't want to spoil).

Prototype that is similar to the Prototype Game, but is NOT using the Prototype SWEP from Workshop.

Chicken, Cat, Dog, and Puppy Jobs that have their own vocals and can be actual animals.

Zero from Borderlands 2 with the ability to cloak.

Werewolf with the ability to morph in and out of Were form.

Big Smoke, Carl Johnson, and Trevor Philips from GTA all provided with their own unique Vocals AND they communicate with one another.

Dubstep Assassin which is loaded with Dubstep Guns, that all players can hear while firing.

Antman with the ability to Shrink, Grow, and Reset to normal at any point in time.

Deadpool and Lady Deadpool with the ability to actually never die, just go into a regeneration state, thus keeping their items through death.

Grim Reaper who's immune to all forms of damage and cannot deal any unless a Player is at 30hp, then they both become vulnerable to one another.

Genji with the ability to dash and climb with his sword to his victims as a Hitman.

Chainsaw Lunatic with the ability to swing around his chainsaw while being a... Lunatic, and healing for a large sum of health and dealing a ton of melee damage.

and much more! (We will still always add more as the future goes on to make the best out of it!)]]]

We have many more features being planned on and added, we wish to make Void DarkRP the server you and your friends can come to and enjoy yourselves. Along with make new friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading our features, and I hope to see you all on the server in the near future, thank you!