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[UK/EU] Nightfall Gaming Jedi VS Sith | CUSTOM SABERS | NEEDS STAFF | NEW
Jan 09, 2018 5:35 PM
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Nightfall Gaming, is an community project i had in mind, that i created some days, accually ago,

Nightfall Gaming is trying too give players an Oppertunity, in an nice community and Staff team, and bring them Nice Servers.

We currently have an server in developemnt, an Jedi VS Sith (Bassically SWRP) Server, which will be released around next month, we still are looking for Testers! IF ANY IS INTERESSTED IN TESTING PLEASE DO ADD ME ON STEAM OR LEAVE A COMMENT ON MY PROFILE: IF YOU WISH TOO BE GRANTED ACCESS TOO THE TESTING PHASE

The Nightfall Gaming Community Group: Join and Invite yoour Friends!

The Nightfall Gaming JvS Collection: It's big, but worth it, if you don't want any Errors, and An nice and Clean, no error having Gameplay and Roleplay.

Next Month, the slots will be upgraded too 64 Once the testing phase is over, and the community grew allitle, IT MAY Even be released sooner! The current run time is 82 Days, which will be also raised Next Month, ;^)

We Might add an VIP System:
for the Cannon Like Jobs Like Darth Vader and Such, but the rest can be achived through alot off dedication and Training on the server, in RP. As i don't want, players too spend their money, on jobs, that they can normaly achive on other servers without VIP Aswell. VIP Will cost around 8-10 Dollars/Euro/And so on, You will be able too contact me on steam, for the donation, until an ENJIN Website with an Donation page, will be created,

Some Infomation about Nightfall Gaming:
Nightfall Gaming was, founded on the 6th January 2018, but was an project i had in mind for sometime, it all started with the One thing, what will i do with the Community? Create some dumb Minecraft server? (I Am not, trying too trigger Minecraft Players.) Or Try something in Garry's Mod, which then turned out too become to Jedi VS Sith Server, i now offically own, and that is currently in testing Phase, Here at Nightfall Gaming Once the Community Grew, we'll host Event's, Make an Group, for staff Applications, if still then the ENJIN Webpage, isn't up, if it is, the group Won't be created, as it would make no sense. All i wan't too achive with Nightfall Gaming, is not too get alot off donations by players, so i got money, NO! I Want players too be able too enjoy an nice JvS Server, on garry's mod, get help by an Responsible and Nice Staff Team, that'll help you with anything your Hearth May Desire, and players too be able, too maybe even make new friends in that community, be able too talk too each other, and have overall fun thoghter!

Infomation on our JvS Server:
The Development is going great sofar! We've managed too get most off the jobs and category's done now, it being allmost over 40 Jobs that are on the sever, going from, Jedi Padawan->Grandmaster, Republic Recruit-> General, Sith Acolyte->Sith Emperor, Sith Trooper->General, Knight off Zakuul->Knight off Zakuul Commander, The Royal Family off Zakuul, and the Cannon, normal JvS Jobs, like Darth Vader, Darth Malgus, Darth Marr And so on, we do have the Free Workshop version off WILTOS (Advanced Lightsaber Attack System, NOT The Paid Advaced Lightsaber Combat System!) But i will, probally buy it soon for our server! Overall, i decorated the whole map myself, with JvS Fitting Own Ragdoll Statues, text signs, and more with PermaProps, so we got, some, "Edits" In the map, as i don't really wan't too edit the Map in Source Hammer Editor,

Current Ranks We have on the Server:
[User] The Standart Group, Everyone Has
[VIP] For Donators,
[G-VIP] (May Be Added, i'm Still Deciding.)
[Trail-Mod] First Staff Rank After being Accepted.
[Mod] Second Staff Rank After being Accepted
[Senior-Moderator] Third Staff Rank after being Accepted
[Admin] Fouth Staff Rank After being Accepted
[Senior-Admin] Fifth Staff Rank After being Accepted
[Super-Admin] Sixth Staff Rank After being Accepted
[Head Moderator] Chosen by Server Owner
[Head Admin] Chosen From Sever Owner
[Co Owner]
Too Be honsest, we'd love too get, some off you too maybe, test the server or join the Community, <3


Kind Regards

Nightfall Gaming Founder. Ruby