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Oct 07, 2017 11:46 AM
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Hello, you are probably wondering why I'm making two different threads of two different clans and why can't I just focus on one. Well, first is GFLClan is not owned by me, it's a community I'm part of as a fellow member. MontrealGaming is a community that I co-owned.

Anyways, I am recruiting players and staff members for this server. We currently do not have a website, as the web developer is going through rough time and he's founder of GFL. We're using personal paypal and steam group as our source of contact and payment. For the donation thing, you'll have to message me or post on our steam group page of what you donated so I can give you the specified item you're donating for. I know... It's ghetto.

Steam Group:
Website: WIP
GameTracker Clan:
There are other methods of donation, but as I mentioned our website isn't ready yet. We do have like sdonate and stuff, but it requires me to know mysql and php things. :x

Server Information
Our TTT was first created during the Summer of 2017, it took a very long time to finally have it published because I was hoping to make it modded with pointshop, but I didn't have the time to do it. I finally released it two days ago with a semi-vanilla server. This server only has 10 slots, because I aint rich. What we have on our server is:
- SimpleEXP This accumulate every shot/kill as an experience point, and it levels you up. There's nothing really fancy about it, just something for a fun kind of thing.
- ChatTags This is a bit more only management usage.
Anyone can request for a tag of any colors, but it is only a solid color. You can have multiple solid colors. Any text is allowed as long as there's no other community names on it; excluding GFLClan.

- Maps We have multiple maps, we also allow !rtv so you can rock the vote to change map. If a map did not let you connect in, because the version is different from the server; it is not your fault. Just let me know so I can remove it. I got the maps from the server hosting,
so there's may be absolutely different.

That's pretty much it. Besides the fact that you are required to have css and tf2 to play, especially for maps and certain things.

What I'm Looking For:
I am currently looking for active players and possibly staff members. You can only apply on our Steam Group so this page doesn't get cluttered. When I get enough donation, I will increase server slot and eventually have more people to help out.

About Montreal Gaming
This community was made somewhere on 2015, but the steam group page was made a year later after it. This is owned by Sentiel and Co-owned by me. We're both busy people since we both have school and work. Why did we decide to continue the server? Well, what happened was... Originally the owner was the one hosting the servers but he had to shut them down due to low income to pay for himself. We used to have Zombie Survival and DarkRP but we didn't have the money to host them and they're the most expensive slot servers. So we're starting off small first and I'm prioritizing on TTT.

Server IP:

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Nov 30, 2017 10:57 AM
Joined: Sep 14, 2014
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I'm looking for active players and admin.

Please shoot me a comment!