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OptimalRP ~ DarkRP Server In Development, Need staff members
Aug 11, 2017 10:53 AM
Joined: Oct 09, 2015
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OptimalRP is a project I started on August 10th and currently developing. My goal is to make this a unique and friendly DarkRP server. I don't wanna make a run-of-the-mill DarkRP server, I want to make a unique server with features that no other servers use. a big project I'm currently working on is editing downtown v4c v2 to accommodate special buildings that will favor our RP abilities. Currently I'm looking for users who have free time to be staff members, suggest ideas or just hang out with us as we develop this community. So far we purchased a web-host for our forums, a server host for 24/7 run-time, dedicated IP address, and a unique domain which can be used to access our website! If you'd like to join us feel free to join our Discord. Please do not join our forums yet as I'm trying out different software.

Name: OptimalRP
Gamemode: DarkRP
Map: downtown v4c v2 (Modified)