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Arthorian: looking to sponsor / get a manager for their server.
Jul 15, 2017 10:36 AM
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July 2017
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Hey there, I'm Rían (Paradaux) as you can tell, I'm new to these forums.
I am looking for someone who'd be interested in setting up and managing a DarkRP server for me.
You'll get the majority of the profits, I'll only take a small bit for hosting and management and you can
run the server how you like. However there are some restrictions

- No one under 15 may take the role as an owner.
- Must have at least 250 hours playtime on Garry's Mod
- Must be experienced with Managing and setting up a Garry's Mod DarkRP server
- Be able to find and control their own staff.

As part of joining my network of staff You'll have full access to use my forums
and graphics belonging to my network. You'll have 2gb of ram to run the server
and the server itself has 1gbps uplink with 2 Intel Xeon E3 Proccessor cores guaranteed
for the use of your garry's mod server, however under high load more is available.

To Contact me I have discord, email and other such contact methods listed below

Discord: Paradaux#2864
Skype: ParadauxDev

Discord is preferable, as Ideally The garry's mod server has it's own discord server / community. If the server is successful I can grant you additional resources and
Extra servers. You'll have a dedicated IP also, which the default port available. We use the Game management platform as I am part of its support team.