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Peepo Games looking for Players and Staff!
Mar 14, 2017 6:06 PM
Joined: May 14, 2016
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Peepo Games is looking for new players and staff for its DarkRP, SandBox and PropHunt servers.
Peepo Games is a fresh new community and therefore we're extremely lacking the people willing to spend their precious time on one of our servers.
We've worked hard to make the DarkRP server unique and full of fun, but we're always happy to receive criticism and suggestions to make it better than it is.
Our Sandbox server is primarily focused to creating Tanks and other machines of war, but we're not limited to that.
Our PropHunt server is...well...focused on hunting props. But we try to make it fun too.

Our issue is that, since we're really new, no one knows about us.
Want to join? Go to and feel free to register on our forums or just check out the server list. We're working on adding more servers.

Thanks again!
-Peepo Games

Peepo DarkRP @
Peepo PropHunt @
Peepo BuildBox @

(we used to have a jailbreak server, but due to it being meh, we temporarily disabled it)