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Topplayers ETQW is cheaters!!! Pls Ban!!!
Nov 21, 2016 9:23 AM
Joined: Jul 07, 2013
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hi. I am Zloi_Dgin. I want to tell about some dishonest players. For example Numb. Earlier I thought that it plays with WH. I was mistaken WH at it isn't present. But I understood what program he uses. To me children from other shooter of a distance подобнуцю a program. it is called a It accelerates the Internet by a route miminization. Example: Its counter in what at the opponent a game reads that you have a ping 60, and from this makes the calculations. Apo to the fact at you a ping 20. That is the opponent sees you in that place where you are absent any more, on it he can't get on you, the loss very badly goes. And you see the opponent there where he shall appear through a fraction of a second. On \to this Numb so quickly kills you. As though all bullets precisely in a head lay down. Though actually it not so. It not one yuzat this program. It is easy to reveal these cheaters if to observe their ping. It periodic shows "0". Such ping can't be in the nature. Paka yuzat this program too. I ask to ban all players at whom the ping periodic falls to "0". Us players and there remained a little. And many cease to play because of these dishonest players.
Nov 21, 2016 10:50 AM
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