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Need help admin rangovy server ETQW!!!
Jul 07, 2013 7:17 AM
Joined: Jul 07, 2013
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Hello. I address to administrators of game ETQW servers. I ask you to forbid to use a variable of a config of net_predictionErrorDecay 0 on rangovy servers.
The matter is that the player using value 0, has an effect of blinking. That is the player starts moving the fast breakthroughs, as a result some percent of the bullets which have got to it fly by by it. That is at duel of two players if one uses this variable in value 0 and has 40% accuracy, his opponent has to have accuracy in 50% what to win this duel.
This variable is fraud as at duel of two equal players, what uses this variable always wins.
I ask administrators to forbid use of this variable. On servers it isn't enough players. And when the player like Fatalion, unhit, kuzmich, and several more, using properties of this variable one rushes into crowd from 4-6 people and all kills, any player thus can't get to it practically, many simply leave and any more don't play ETQW.
Let this variable will be for PRO servers.
Personally I for a fair play, hope you too. Forgive my English, I use the online translator.