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Oct 17, 2016 12:22 AM
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Take out Your Guns, Grenades and Panzers, Its GAMEDAY time...

Ladies and gentleman, a very good day to you all. As our clan is going to be 8 Years old on the 29th October.. We, F|A Event Organizer Team and Staff+ have organised a Gameday and in memory Of our Fallen Heroes Exploid and Abnerdog. Wish heaven had visiting hours we could have played ET/COD with you guys

We announce you the new gameday called : =F|A= HEROES EVENT.
Thanks to Daredevil ,Joedirt & Rainier for starting this wonderful Community and to all the members from Leaders to trials, clanfriends and Regular players who play on all our Servers.. Thanks to all for keeping this great community Up and running...

There will be a lot of fun on our NoQuarters Server, Different mods : Weapons,Crazygravity,Panzerwar,Riflewar,Knifewar....

Event: =F|A= Heroes Event
Date: Saturday 29th-Sunday 30th of October
Time: noon until noon GMT+ 0 (convert your timezone)
Server Name: NoQuarters #3
Server IP:
Details: Panzerwar, sniperwar, knifewar, speed and gravity adjustment and much more

Teamspeak server IP:

Your Hosts : All the event staff and of course staff+