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1st. Anniversary Party
Jul 03, 2016 3:43 AM
Joined: Jun 27, 2015
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Hello @all!

We would like to announce that #j4f| celebrates their 1 year anniversary!

In June last year, we established the clan and now have more than 27 members.
And more than 80 visitors per day! In one year it has done a lot. A total of 5 server
with different mods, co-operation with 2 other clans, a new forum software, and a
lot of new friends who support us!

In this sense, we would like to thank some people who believe in us and support us
very much! Special thanks goes to:

* ErMazzan: Clan Leader, a really good friend and right hand from #j4f|
* great servers, great support and very experienced in ET
* Kate: Leader from, very nice and supportive
* Datsik: Leader of RaTe clan, loyal and good co-operation
* daredevil: Leader of, very helpful and great support

and of course all of our Members and Visitors!

To celebrate that, we would like to invite you to our first birthday! The party will take
place on our beginners server on saturday july 9th. We will be present already in the
early morning and lasts all day.

We hope to see you at our party and have a lot of fun with you!

See you

Date: 09/07/2016
Time:8 CEST - open end
Server: #j4f| Beginners[ #1 (
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