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IAMLEGEND Community Server #1 PvE Server #2 PvP
Oct 07, 2019 6:31 AM
Joined: Sep 23, 2019
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***Welcoming New Member's***

We are new Community on DayZ Standalone and have 2 dedicated mod servers.

Become your own Legend in this immersive Chernarus map!

Server #1 PVE with PVP Zones, RP Server with Rules, NO KOS allowed unless its in PVP Zones, Custom Military bases and Airfields.

Server #2 PvP Server Full of mods and Custom Military bases and Airfields and new things to come!

Come join us and see our Unique Stuff, so you and your friends can enjoy it while playing with us.

We value the communities say and are always open to adding or removing mods to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

DZSA launcher:

Server #1 PVE:

Server #2 PvP:

***All New Starters start with 10,000 Rubles ready to spend in their bank account which they can access at a ATM based at a Trader!***

The server supports the following mods:

[ VanillaPlusPlusMap ]

[ Weapon Redux Pack And More ]

[ Military Clothing Sets ]

[ Banking System ]

[ Trader & Black Market ]

[ Auto Run and Unlimited Stamina ]


[Regular Airdrops]

[Build Anywhere]

[Fast Acess - Code Lock]

[PvZmod TweakZ]

[DayZ Navigation]

[Better Suppressors]

[Forced First Person Combat]

[Medical Attention]

[Improved Campfires]

[Bullet Stacks PlusPlus]



[Toxic Zone]



[Disease injectors]



and many more....       

The newest feature of the PvE server: Real estate custom base building! Come join us to find out more!
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