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Libertas Legion: Make Gaming Great Again
May 10, 2022 7:49 PM
Joined: Mar 04, 2022
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Libertas Legion

Making Gaming Great Again since 2015

Since 2015 The Libertas Legion has been an up and coming community which has made itself a home for those looking for a tight knit community. Many members from all over the world have joined up for a multitude of reasons ranging from our dedication and commitment to Freedom of speech, No gaming/gameplay Restrictions and being based around our beloved cuntstitution which sets the standards of all who wish to be apart of us, and makes the LSLN stand out from many other groups who are plagued with HR levels of regulations, admin abuse, forced participation that make them feel like work and not there for entertainment and community.

This is not to say we are going to meander to everyone, babysit or hold your hand. We would like people who want to be apart of the community to put effort in. Being sociable, getting to know people will quickly find you a bunch of players who actively play the games you would like to play.

Our Requirements are straight forward:

Be aged 18 or over

Have Discord/Microphone

Speak Enough English to survive

Understand and be aware that freedom of speech applies to everyone

A sense of humor and ability to not take one's self seriously will go a long way

Anyone who believes we are for you are more than welcome to continue on with the process, we will take on anyone; Male, Female or Apache Member.

For more information, media and to join, please consider taking a look at our website: