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{CSGO] First Predator Mod CSGO Server
Oct 04, 2019 4:02 PM
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Hi everyone,

After several weeks of hard work, I'm proud to present you the PREDATOR MOD for CSGO.

This CSGO gamemod (homemade) is based on Predator movies saga and involves the predators (2-3 players max), powerfull creatures which are equipped with different weapons and technologies in order to acheive their only mission i]track down and kill all humans.
For humans, (rest of the players), the aim of the game is to survive in this stressful environment against a powerfull and invisible ennemy...

I invite you all to come and test this gamemod on our VG server :

Tell your friends about it, we need a lot of player to test this mod in order to have a feedback here or in our steam group :