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New CS:GO Hide and Go Seek Server
Jun 18, 2016 7:10 PM
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I've been working with someone on creating a new game mod for CS:GO, one that doesn't currently exist (at least not a properly maintained one anyway).

This is not HNS mod, this is literally Hide and Seek the game.

How it works is at the start of the round the T team is blinded and stuck in place for 60 seconds while the CT's find a place on the map to hide, after the timer is done the CT's movement speed is slowed considerably and they have the option to move around slowly or stay hidden.

It is up to the T seeker to find all the CT's and kill them, until there are enough players there is only 1 seeker to start.

When the first CT is killed they become the seeker in the next round.

It's a pretty fun plugin and I just wanted to share it.

This plugin is Private and owned and operated by Clan MiSfire.

The IP of the server is:
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