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.:ZOMBIEMOD:. Fixed Public Server BHOP-STORE --> Ip Changed
Jul 12, 2015 11:48 PM
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hello all,

Today added a new vip mode. It is an auto vip mode. If you earn enough points than unlock you a future. You get each 2 min you are active on the server 1 points. You can unlock adminship too if you play long enough.

here is the NEW ip of my csgo zombiemod server
NEW Plugins= !ws = you can select any weaponskin !knife = you can select knife for zombie and human from all available knife models.

Added new Skin called Ghost Rider. Only for Vip's. Pls read for more on forum

- nice human skins. Also you can buy human class via store with special ability.
- cool zombie skins. Also you can buy zombie class via store with special ability.
- Best knockback for ZM csgo server.
- zombie claws .
- flashbang = missile (you get this auto)
- Decoy = freeze (you get this auto)
- Hegrenade = napalm (you get this auto)
- parachute
- !guns menu when spawn.

and some other fun stuffs.

give it a try . pls invite ur friends too.

Owner El Terroristo.


We merged the escape mod in normal ZM mod. So when map change to ze map than you play real escape mod and when map change to ZM than you play zombie infection mod.

In both maps you may use all weapons!!! So no retrictions .

For more info add me in steam. My steam is zombiemaster91 or El Terroristo

Thanks in advance,
El Terroristo and =]FZ[= Team.
join our steam group =
Our Forum link=
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