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Admins Needed before CS:GO comes outt
Aug 06, 2012 7:12 PM
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Hello, is now looking for a CS:GO Head Admin. A head admin is someone who will have full complete admin control of the server and will help run it. We are looking for a Head Admin now because CS:GO comes out in 2 weeks and we want to get things ready and get to know the Head Admin that applies for this spot. Also the Head Admin will be allowed to bring along a Second admin that you trust to help you run it. Kubz (Owner) and I (CEO) will be helping you and also answering any questions you may have. There are a little few Requirements we ask of you.

Age Limit: 16+
6Months � 1 Year admin exp on a game.
Post daily updates on the TNPGAMING.COM Forums.
Wear the TNP.Name Tag in game.

If you like to apply please fill out this short form and email it to "" or Post on our forums � Link �.

Game Name:
Steam ID:
How much Admin Exp:
Will you be willing to wear TNP.Name Tag:
Will you be able to post daily updates on forums:
Why would you like to be Head Admin:
Tell us about yourself: