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Account hacked.
Sep 10, 2018 8:11 AM
My account was hacked but maybe admins can help me get it back.
So, my account username was "ther1mm", and now is "flamur-kp". You maybe will say that that account is not mine but i have some proves that shows that account belongs to me. Before he hacking my account i post in forum about some servers using fake players in Counter-Strike 1.6(cs) game ( here is a link of that topic: )
Before this i post my server under Counter-Strike 1.6 Favorite Servers,( here is a link of that topic:
my server name was and is "[ SHQIP ] - Gaming Server#1", i post that if you see that topic at the end of topic says "- CEO / Founder ---> TheRimm", if you click "TheRimm", it shows my facebook account (some proves: , ). Also i'm "CEO / Founder at SHQIPCommunity", means that i'm the owner of the clan in (link of clan: ), you can see the only member is "TheRimm" , "CEO / Founder" , means that account just changed username ( it's hacked), also if you watch again "About us" you can see there again my facebook account and my facebook server page. Now my server is claimed by a friend of mine named "endritmoci", after my account was hacked i called him to claim my server because i don't want to lose my rank. Also one more thing in that account administrator of "chimaera500" has blocked my from messaging him, so ... any chance to get my account back.

Regards TheRimm , Sorry for my bad English.