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Danger-CS - the future of counter strike 1.6
Jun 16, 2017 3:34 PM
Joined: Mar 12, 2014
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You have been searching for a server with high FPS, low ping and more people? Well, if you have not heard of Danger-CS, you seriously need to learn about these servers. They are Bulgarian servers with maximum quality [1000FPS, low ping]. These servers are made by Krasioo and bobsona in 2011 and are still going viral in Bulgaria and other countries. There are more than 30 servers and more than 20 mods, in which you can play. Danger-CS are also searching administrators for their servers, nationality does not matter when applying for an admin. You can choose in which server you want to have rights to ban, kick, slay etc. All you need to do is to apply at the correct forum, which I will display down with links. Danger-CS also has facebook page, facebook group, steam group, gametracker group etc. - this is the website - vote for Danger-CS in X-Top100 - our facebook page ... ef=browser - our facebook group ... SMJEBifeCQ - our youtube group - our steam group - Danger-CS in Gametracker.
If you are struggling with our language, you can contact me via PM or on skype support.dangercs for a translation. If you are struggling getting in our forum, contact me via PM or skype support.dangercs. If you have problems or questions in general, do not hesitate to contact us - we will answer you asap!
I will translate our applicant form here, so you can just apply when you can.
This is the applicant form for a server admin [in english]:
1.Name -
2.Age -
3.Steam Account [not necessary] -
4.Have you been an admin somewhere else [name the servers]? -
5.When did you start playing Counter-Strike 1.6? -
6. When did you start playing in our server? -
7.Why do you want to be an admin in our server? -
8.Your in-game nickname -
9.Will you reclame the server, if yes - where? -
10.For which server are you applying? -
11.Will you behave good with other players/admins? -
12.Can you recognize a hacker from a norma player? -
13.Your gametracker with the chosen server -
You need to post it here -

Danger-CS team wishes you the very best playing in our servers!