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Looking for someone potentially fund/kickstart my community!
Mar 24, 2017 5:13 AM
Joined: Jun 16, 2014
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Server Name: | Public
Server IP: N/A
Server Site:
Server Type: Public
Server Owner: LongWAY
Server Description: I plan on making this as classic as good as possible. It will have a few plugins, for easier and better gameplay. Such as round restart so everyone can start at the same level in case your connection/internet is slow and you miss the first round. No team flashing and no collision. This is just the first few ideas I have. If it turns out well, we can always add another server with a different gamemode. I have big plans, but I don't have the power (money) to make it happen. I got mad at a Serbian forum for their awful rules and how they run that forum so I made a really good forum myself. Forum is finished. With good rules and the way I want to run things, server as well. I just need someone to fund it help me kickstart it, that's all. Once it's popular, it will me amazing!
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