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-M3-|T CS 1.6 Server IP:
Sep 20, 2013 8:49 PM
Joined: Sep 08, 2010
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We have created a CS 1.6 server as a means to cultivate the old 1.6 community that used to be during the 2000 - 2008 years. Join the server with your friends, have a good time, and give me feedback so I can adjust it to the community's needs. This should be your place to play, relax, frag, and run over a few friends with those nipper-style vehicles. PS We have 600+ custom maps, and we default to de_dust2 when the server is idle.

We are open to all comments, suggestions, and complaints!


- Custom maps
- Plugins:
-- Hats (Santa, dick in the box, etc)
-- Female Ultimate Sounds
-- Rollthedice (RTD)
-- Urination mod
-- Rockthevote (RTV)
-- ShowIP
-- StatsMe

It's hosted in Chicago, IL, USA - and I've update the custom mod list above. It's a great place to hold your own games or join whoever is playing.
CS 1.6 Server - Arroyo Custom Map, Low Gravity Haven -