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Server was deleted by who ?
Jun 21, 2013 1:48 AM
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Recently i added a server to my account, because i wanna add it to in a clan (clan Indungi). Since then, i didn't connected to gametracker. Yesterday, one of the owner of that server, asked me, why did i have deleted the server from GT ? Please tell me you have logs or something, if the server was claim after me. I don't want to dirty my reputation, cuz i'm responsable with community witch server is affiliated . Server name is

All regards ,
Jun 21, 2013 5:32 PM
GAMETRACKER ADMIN Joined: Sep 27, 2006
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Servers can be deleted in the following cases:

1. Server was automatically removed after extended downtime
2. Server was manually removed by you or any user who has the ability to claim it
3. Server was banned from the site
4. Server was deleted due to minor abuse
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