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PC: The Exiled Kingdoms NA RP/PvP fresh 10/8
Oct 09, 2020 8:57 PM
Joined: Dec 06, 2018
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***The Exiled Kingdoms***

A new RP/PvP Server with AoC based in NA. We want to provide a casual RP experience without taking too much away from PvP while using the Age of Calamitous mod. With minimum mods and a great dedicated machine, we can provide high-performance experience. Come and join us and help shape this new community into something special.

Server Name: The Exiled Kingdoms NA RP/PvP fresh 10/8

-Starting Kits

-Player economy

-Quests (coming soon)

-Events (coming soon)

**Mod List: Order them as seen on the link and below**


Hosav's UI Mod


Age of Calamitous


Unlock Plus

**Server Settings of Note**

Map: Exile Lands

Player Slots: 40

EXP Rate: 3x

Harvest Rate: 2x

Increased crafting speeds

Increased Taming Speed for Thralls/Pets

Dynamic Raiding active: 60min logout timer

Drop Items on Death: True

Bodies Stay Logged In: True

Max Clan Size: 6

Avatars: Disabled

Purge: Enabled (but takes longer to trigger a purge)

Decay: Disabled but admins will cleanse any player's buildings if inactive for 10 days.

***Join Discord for complete connection info***