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Age of Kingdoms AoC PvP [Wiped - 1/18] PC/NA
Jan 31, 2020 8:21 PM
Joined: Dec 06, 2018
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Age of Kingdoms AoC PvP [Wiped - 1/18]
Direct connect:

Description: A server for those who want reasonable rates, want to be rewarded for their efforts and want PvP to feel as balanced as possible while using assets from AoC mod. Also with a simple rules that won't take away from this being a full PvP server.

Server Overview:
-Region: America
-PvP: 24/7 open world
-Full Loot
-Bodies stay logged in
-building destruction:
Weekdays 19:00-21:00 PST
Weekends 15:00-21:00 PST
-XP: 3X
-Harvest: 2X
-Purge Active
-Player run economy
-Players 40, 15 member clan limit
-Playstyle: Casual to Hardcore welcome
-Rules: Common sense, don't cheat, don't grief, don't spam, don't block, keep building/placeable counts reasonable.
-Server wipes only if there is a community majority for it.
/home 2h CD and /sethome 24h CD

Mod List:
-Hosav's UI
-Bettet Thralls
-Age of Calamitous
-Stacksize Plus v1.7.1 (DLC compatible)
-Unlock Plus (with pick up)