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BloodThrone [3XH/XP][FASTCRAFT][NOGODS][Offline-Protection][LVL 300]
Nov 14, 2019 10:13 AM
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BloodThrone [3XH/XP][FASTCRAFT][NOGODS][Offline-Protection][LVL 300]

Hello, We are hosting a conan server with offline protection. We got a friendly playerbase so far with active and kind admins. (like myself im a no life gamer so im online 24/7)

We have been running for about a month and we have about 20 active players, Most of them are friendly and kind people.

We want the playerbase to be part of the community and decide, so if you have suggestions,feedback or mods you would like and the majority of the playerbase wants it we will add it.

All we want is a community where everyone can enjoy and have fun.

We have 13 mods, Not any major mods just to make it better and more fun.

We have installed Pippi mod, added a economy so people can buy Purge T4 Thralls in a market with Warp to the market at each obelisk. Adds inn so traveling will be faster. Will be adding in Auction house system for each active clan so people can sell to other players while not being online.

We got Sexiles mod

We got Glass mod so people can build using Glass and make greenhouses and other creative buildings that looks awesome in the night.

Server ip:

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