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The 4 Exiled Horsemen
Jul 04, 2018 2:22 PM
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The 4 Exiled Horsemen - New Server and Community.
[PC] The 4 Exiled Horsemen | PVE-C | Light RP | x1.5 Harvest |Events and Specials.

Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling, Pippi, Unlock Plus, Age of Calamitous

About: The 4 Horsemen are real life Friends who just like to play and have fun. Now we want to grow a community based on the principle of fun and friendly. No drama - No Hate and no Trolling. LGBT friendly. We rent and host our own dedicated box with low pings. We have 4 fairly active admin Founders who are always striving to make our community better by listening to you the player base. We will also be offering Pippi Ranks with special privileges based on a voluntary donation plan specifically for covering the cost of maintaining the server. Come be a part of our growing gaming community by joining us for a fresh Conan server! (server wiped 6/17/2018)

Server Name: The 4 Exiled Horsemen

Server Information:

· Pippi Kits - Free starter kits for players, More kits to come!

· Home warp on 20 min cooldown.

· More warps to come!


Steam Connecting:

Slots: 20 players (We will Expand the number of slots as we fill up)

Mods (in load order): Join discord for steam mod collection!

· Kerozards Paragon Leveling

· Pippi

· Unlock Plus

· The Age of Calamitous

Server Settings:

Max Nudity: Full

Player Damage Taken Multiplier: 0.9

Minion Damage Multiplier: 1.0

Minion Damage Taken Multiplier: 1.0

NPC Damage Multiplier: 1.0

NPC Damage Taken Multiplier: 1.10

Player Encumbrance Multiplier: 0.5

Player XP Rate Multiplier: 1.0

Player XP Kill Multiplier: 2.0

Player XP Harvest Multiplier: 1.5

Player XP Craft Multiplier: 1.5

Player XP Time Multiplier: 1.0

Is BattlEye Enabled: True

Restrict PVP Time: True (Subject to change)

PVP Time Weekday Start: 1800 End: 2300

PVP Time Weekend Start: 1500 End: 2359

Enable Auto Facing On Attack: True

Enable Target Lock: True

Drop Equipment On Death: False
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