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Oct 27, 2018 5:30 PM
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Hey guys just so you know there are a number of crouch servers out there. Be open to follow them but just remember they consist of folks who like a rule based system. If you want to run and gun then all good on those type of servers but if you want to hook up with gentleman type rules give us a visit on Unser Crouch Server! We are polite and friendly but do expect a compliant attitude toward crouching, walking upright whilst aiming down sight and moving in prone position. We permit running if under fire for cover purposes only. We do 3 different weapon based maps, Shotguns on free for all, all weapons on every other map except Downfall, Seelow, Outskirts and Banzai where we do Bolt Action only (scopes ok, no other weapons). Every other tdm map consists of all weapons but NEVER pistols. Come on in!
Come join us on Unser Crouch Server for some W@W gaming.
Aug 22, 2021 9:18 AM
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Can we have tanks?
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