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[WNx] Clan Rercruiting NOW!!!
Jan 12, 2014 4:37 PM
Joined: Jan 12, 2014
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Warrior Nation is a fantastic gaming community that has already been around for more 10 years. Ever since Call Of Duty 4 came out, Warrior Nation has established a clan there too.

You are welcome to join if you are over 13 years old.
We search skilled and cool players who love to play Call Of Duty 4.
If you want more information my xfire is: thuggstarr
If you don't have xfire add my steam: psycho504
If you add me I'll guide you through our forums and all other specifics, because it's pretty enourmous!
Here's some more information about the clan:
We have alot of various events;
And a lot of pcws. What more do you want?
We are looking to hosts again some servers on Call Of Duty 4 and we have also TS.
Feel free to add me!

FragMouse, of Call Of Duty 4 section, out!
Jan 27, 2014 6:35 PM
Joined: Jan 05, 2014
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You guys up for some S&D Scrims?
Feb 07, 2014 9:23 AM
Joined: Apr 04, 2010
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Hey all,

I want to apply for admin, i was sked by spanky to do so!