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[UdSSR] Clan Recruting * Top Active Servers *
Jun 25, 2020 6:43 AM
Joined: Apr 30, 2016
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Good day and hello friendly community, of cod2.

We of the [UDSSR] Clan are well known for our well-running Call of Duty 2 servers ( that are the best Managed by our admins to provide hackers free game-play around our servers, which we have been offering for free for years. We have always tried to make the right decisions.

Servers are well Managed by Staff / in All Branch of duty's-/ Servers are very active daily and well maintained to make sure servers are clean , so everyone has a fair play!

Here is a list of all our servers: ( all are very active )

Our HomePage:
Our Team Speak:

Server #1: Toujane TDM All Weps: ---> connect

Server #2: S&D PAM: ---> connect

Server #3: Toujane DM-All Weps : ---> connect

Server #4 Custom Maps: ---> connect

Server #6 Rifle PAM TJ: ---> connect

Server #7 Wawa: ---> connect

CTF PAM #8 --> connect

S&D PAM Rifle #8 -->

Jump Server #9: ---> connect