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Jul 04, 2017 12:05 AM
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First off I would like to start off by saying the ADMIN NWG_theJiMMMM is rude and abuses his admin rights on the NWG #1 premium mix hardcore - votemap server bf4. I was banned from the server on 07/02/2017 for ill quote his message "haverstock. returning to uncap. constant trrolling. whining. fuck off. TJ". Now I was unaware that returning to the uncap was a bannable offense and then questioned NWG_theJiMMMM about it, he was very rude and didnt not take the time to explain. I tried to explain to hi, other players would return to the uncap to repair vehicles like I had done, but he just wasnt having any of it. Even other players at the time told him people return to the uncap offten for repairs. Unless I misses something inside the server rules stating that returning to uncap for repairs is a bannable offense I apologize. I would also like to mention I was not whining or trolling NWG_theJiMMMM, I was honestly very confused since ive seen other players do exactly what I had done. I tried explaining to NWG_theJiMMMM that I was confused but he didnt seem to care in the slightest. So here I am asking you to lift my ban on the server, IGM -"Haverstock91"

I would also like to make a formal complaint against admin NWG_theJiMMMM for abusing his powers and being very rude in his ban message, I would like to think NWG holds admins to a higher standard then this. I understand people have their bad days, but still quick to hit that ban hammer seems a little unfair to your player base.
Jul 04, 2017 2:24 AM
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