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Can "BF2 Standalone Server" be hostet online/public? How?
Apr 10, 2011 3:47 PM
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I have had a long time trouble with the BF2 Standalone Server, which is a seperate program installed by the/a Battlefield 2 CD. It works perfectly as a LAN server, but I want to make it online. I don't have much experience with IP-adresses, but I've port forwarded port 16567, to my local IP-adress (which has been made static too).

BF2 Standalone Server is only able to run the server, if running on my local ip adress, and not the public IP-adress. Otherwise it sais "NO GAME" in the server window (DOS).

I have been trying to use this webside to "activate my server" (i don't know what it is about. Just an act in blindness to make it work) but the it (Gametracker) sais that it doesn't take local IP-adresses. You see the problem: My "BF2 Standalone Server" will only work on my local IP-adress, while this website only will "activate" (whatever that means) public IP-adresses.
At last; questin again: How do I make my "BF2 Standalone Server" - server(s) public/online(, for others to join it trough BF2 serverlist (or IP-connect) without setting up Hamachi and stuff.)

I'd be very happy for som precise help on this one

..Please don't ask me if I've remembered to press the "Online" buttom in the "BF2 Standalone Server" settings menu.......
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Apr 10, 2011 6:05 PM
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GT cannot use an internal IP because the way computers are set up, a certain range of IPs are used within the computers network. You can google what is my ip from the computer the server is on to find out the IP you are on so GT can scan it.
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Apr 11, 2011 4:02 PM
Joined: Apr 10, 2011
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Well, first of all (correct me if I'm wrong): I believe that the IP-address I type in on the "add server page" on GameTracker, has to be identical with the one I have set my server to run with (in "BF2 Standalone Server" settings).
If they have to be identical there is a problem, because the "add server page" (GT) only wants public IP's while my server only can run on Local IP's.

Burn, that "scan" page you talked about. Can we agree about it is the same page as this "add server page) I talked about?
Because it sound like mean, that I can scan my public IP to find my IP for the server, on a list of local networks, including my server IP. Well, that "scan"-ability is not available on the "add server page" (link).

BTW: when i say public IP, (in both my first and second post) a speak about the one you (burn) suggested me to find by Google. (I know of it, but still thanks

-Problem is still unsolved-
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Apr 11, 2011 5:10 PM
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If you need to specify the IP that needs to be used within the server settings, you'll need to make sure that the server is running with your public IP. When you enter a private (LAN) IP, the scanner will look in the local network so it's impossible to find your server with that IP, thus adding that range has been blocked.

Scanning the server is what happens when the server is added and the page is updated. The server sends a query and receives a response.

I run COD4 servers, and I know you can specify the IP in the command line. There are also config options that set the server as LAN, dedicated (internet) and a few others i think. As far as BF2 goes, I do not know the configuration. You could probably find decent guides on the internet to figure out how to create a public internet server instead of LAN.
I am retired from GameTracker after 11 years and will not be responsive for support requests.