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-=RGC=- Clan recruiting for BF2 and 3 - possibly BF4
Jul 23, 2012 11:40 AM
Joined: Feb 29, 2008
Posts: 41
Our clan has been around since 2009, been through rough patches ,and still here.
With roots that stretch back to Halo and Blackhawk down, we know what it takes to keep a few good men.
Founded to provide members and players a cheat and hack free gaming environment, we pride ourselves on achieving that goal in BF2 games. BF3 has been harder to deal with, because there are so many apparently l33t players that are just too good to be true. Our answer to that is Metabans, who believe that enough player admins think a player is hacking will get him banned.
We are looking and actively recruiting new members, that want to play on and support a clan , it's members, and the servers for BF2 and BF3 . We believe real hackers are whiny little girls that can't make it on the streets with the big boys. We also support teamwork , that is the heart of any great game play. Most of us that are still alive are in there early 20's (kids) to late 60's (like kids but older), if you are interested in playing on clean servers that expel hackers at will, then check us out! -=RGC=-

We have BF2 special forces at ranked 1 player start, and BF3 with all current and future DLC in rotation. Our BF3 server is " -=RGC=- Chicago old noobs" it is a clan server and mostly active when our members are on.
Join us on Ventrilo at port 4907 .

If you took the time to read all this you may be what we are looking for.

Recruiting members age 18+ to 80 -