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13th Joint Task Force
Jul 02, 2017 2:00 PM
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The 13th Joint Task Force is a larger MilSim unit broken down into three separate sections. Each section is run by its own leadership that decides on training and other requirements for their specific section. However, all of the sections still fall under the jurisdiction of the 13thJTF's Command Staff. The Command Staff is made up of the leaders from each section, who are responsible for making decisions regarding the unit as a whole, as well as making the SOP's and other administrative duties. Leadership within the 13thJTF is active and constantly works to better this unit to make it an enjoyable experience for all who pass through. The founders of the unit are all active duty within the United States Military, from all different branches. This gives the 13thJTF the ability to take this knowledge, and the SOP's and apply them to ArmA and this unit. If you have any further questions about a specific section or the unit in general, please log onto the Teamspeak and talk with one of our recruiters. Along with your primary MOS, there are many secondary duties, and S-Shops to join to help out with. Last but not least the 13thJTF is a realism unit, but we would never ruin the fun by making members do "push-ups" or any other type of nonsense like that. There may be ranks but they are purely for organizational reasons, you will never have to address anyone else by their e-rank, and I would also like to mention that the rank also does not divide up the unit. Regardless of rank from PV2 to an Officer, we're here to play and enjoy games with friends. Hop on the Teamspeak and play a few games with the members be it ArmA 3 or Battlefield, etc.

The first section of the unit is the 10th Combat Air Brigade. The 10thCAB is the aviation section of the 13thJTF, and if you enjoy flying or piloting in general this is the section to apply to. The 10thCAB provides the infantry with transportation for initial insertion and reinserts. Aviation also provides surveillance and close air support for the infantry. CW2 B. Gluttony is the section lead for the 10thCAB. Currently the only open billet for the 10thCAB is 153A Rotary Wing Aviator.

The second section in the unit is the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta. The 1st SFOD-D is the main assault force for the 13thJTF. If you're looking for infantry combat, the 1st SFOD-D is the section to apply for. SGT T. Herzog is the squad leader and leads the infantry section, and the 2IC is CPL J. Wolfe. Current open billets for the 1st SFOD-D are 18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, and 18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant.

The third and final section of the unit is the 24th Special Tactics Squadron. The 24thSTS works on the ground alongside the infantry, and are the medics for the Delta operators. The 24thSTS is also responsible for communicating with aviation and relaying the information to the infantry task force commander. The 24thSTS is lead by SSgt J. Vessely. Current open billets for the 24thSTS are 1T2X1 Pararescue, and 1C4X1 Tactical Air Control Party.

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The 13thJTF's first official Operation.

Operation Infierno 01-17 -