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3rd Infantry Division (Realism Unit) *Recruitng* Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead
May 24, 2011 2:10 AM
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3rd Infantry Division Website

The 3rd Infantry Division is a Realism unit that strives to uphold the core values of the United States Army. Here, we run the unit just as the United States Army would with dedication and perseverance. We can provide everything you are looking for in a realism unit. We have active members and a committed command staff. With a large family with members from different countries. Currently seven years running and we are still going strong at the 3rd ID. We are looking for active and dedicated players. If a unit with a chain of command, promotions, realism, and competition play is what you're looking for, the 3rd Infantry Division is where you belong. Hooah!


If we caught your attention then good. We have many features on our website that wasn't explained above. Awards Page that gives plenty of details on what you need to do to earn them. Ranks Page, our requirements for Ranks so you can get promoted. Roster Page, very simple roster page with our Retired Personnel, Reserve Personnel and of course our Active Personnel. Still interested, do any of the following.....

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Contact me if you have any questions about the Regiment or recruitment. I'm always available on Xfire and PMs can work if you are unable to reach me there.

CPL T.Laramee
3rd Infantry Division
Bravo Company, 1st Platoon , X-Fire: xxkazixx
Rock of the Marne!