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Nov 14, 2010 9:44 AM
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About 3PARA
3PARA.GU is a realism game-squad, originated in the UK. We are not related in any way to the real 3PARA platoon. We are public gamers, teamed up to play fun & interesting FPS ARMA missions in an organized way on a regular basis. The website-, teamspeak- and game-server are maintained by voluntairy donations & labour of the members. 3PARA.GU is not just for UK based players, we currently have members from all around Europe.
In 3para we aim for fun but play as a structured squad. We have currently over 25+ squad members. We are enthusiastically looking for mature team players both male and female that are looking for this type of gaming experience. Current members of 3para are from all walks of life that come together to enjoy the friendship that online gaming has to offer as well.
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