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Apr 17, 2017 12:31 PM
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Hello Leutz, nice that you are here! This was one of your best choices, D We always look forward to new faces =)

IP :

A few brief info
The following mods are activated:

- Orp2 (Offline Raid Protection)
Structur Pus
Platforms Plus
All Skins Chest
Improved Loot Crates
Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator

The mods are especially "farm" friendlier since there are many which eg do not have the time for hours to collect eggs =)
I hope we see you with us =)

Ts can be used:
Pw: 12345


- New Tribes can request a 14-day set-up protection.

- A raven tribe can apply for 7 days of raid protection

And may not be attacked during this time

(The raid protection applies only to the Mainbase).

If, however, he should destroy a structure of another tribe in time,

The anti-raid protection will expire immediately (evidence necessary)

- It is forbidden Turrets and Plant X to use in mobile form.

- Everything from server crashes, restarts, bugs or similar. Is not replaced

- It is forbidden to take players for more than 30 minutes or carry them in a stupefied state with them, except
It is a raid and its participating tribemember. The prisoners should after the end of the raid

- It is a PVP server so is also active geraidet and open PVP operated. However, it should not degenerate, say
Arbitrary destruction of structures, killing of dinos on passive (you can also narcotize them to loot them).

- The dropping of WILD animals in foreign bases is prohibited.

- It is allowed to "install" animals tomb-safe, bullet-proof "

- One Gigantos per shoot is allowed, and this may only serve to protect the Mainbase.
Titanos are available on the server but are not allowed to raid or similar.

Regulations Base Construction:

- It is forbidden to build in Lootcaves

- Whoever builds on ore deposits / biberdams has no raid protection.

- Each tribe must have its unnecessary old structures such as spikes tame rage rafts, etc.
After use.

- The main base should be made with a red flag, otherwise there is no raid protection

2 more important things:

For an offline anti-raid protection after 6 min. - Tribes should fight (both should know of it, not if a Tribe to 5 attack another one where just one is online) and a page notices that it loses and then simply Offline, the admins reserve the right to take the complete loot and surrender to the "victorious" tribe. The offline protection is not to be geraidet in the absence, not as coward protection.

While a Tames is allowed to attack the player, however, thinks that something has always 2 sides.

Thanks I hope we see each other

MfG HappyAss