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americas army still alive 2.5 /2.8.5
Nov 20, 2020 9:36 PM
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The America's Army PC game, which lets players explore Soldiering, has been recognized with five records in the Guinness World Records 2009: Gamer's Edition.

1- Largest Virtual Army

2- Most Downloaded War Video Game (beaten)

3- Most Hours Spent Playing a Free Online Shooter

4- Earliest Military Website to Support a Video Game

5- Largest Traveling Game Simulator (beaten)

YESSSS !!!!! It is still alive and you can still play it today completely free !! Play PVP maps or COOP maps with you friends today !!!!

Americas army 2.5 official website

Americas army 2.8.5 fan website

Both versions are very active from 1pm to 11pm EST everyday and other hours vary also Servers up and running from all around the world to give you the best ping possible ! If you wanna kick it old school this game IS THE WAY TO GO !!!! a long forgotten gem , people have forgotten about a game that once was the biggest multiplayer FPS ever at one stage in life !! If you remember this game be sure to upvote and share this post with friends and familly and lets get this game back and going !!!! its completely free and infrastructure up and rolling ready to handle many thousands of players

If you dont know what Americas Army 2.5 / 2.8.5 is well here is some videos on youtube !! ( PVP GAMEPLAY ) ( weapons showcase ) ( COOP GAMEPLAY )

We would be happy to play some games with you guys I bet many of you did not know this game was still alive ! Please upvote and share this post if you ever played this game before !!!!

If anybody needs help installing the game or having other issues feel free to join our active community discord we will try to help as fast as possible !
Oct 01, 2021 7:53 PM
Joined: Aug 19, 2019
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LGC is digging its own grave on AAO2.5
if children take over a game, everyone is banned. until you play with the noodle yourself.