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[PVP] Dead on Target New server
Aug 18, 2015 9:42 PM
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/Gimme 50 shotgun shells once per 360 minutes
Starter survival pack with bike parts to help you to get to a location to make a home!
Assault rifles!
Tree's spawn stumps!
Expanded weapons and tools!
Grow your own Cactus!
New blocks and prefabs to be chosen in the future!

Consistently updating server mods and testing them for play-ability!
We stress tested our server and tried to crash it and couldn't crash it using normal admin events as of yet!

Admin available via Facebook or steam. Calazure on steam.

Great place for new players to come get a new start.

I omitted server stats because you can view them on the 7dtd server menu before entering the game. Enjoy!