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Last Alliance Gaming [PC] PvE/PvP A16.4 Unmodded
Jan 01, 2018 9:30 AM
Joined: Sep 07, 2015
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Last Alliance Gaming is hosting a new 7 Days to Die server:
Address: Port: 25484
Name: Last Alliance Gaming|PvE/PvP|Valmod|16.4|


Class System
Overhauled Progression Skill System (Overhaul Only)
Working Ovens and Sinks
New Zombie Bosses
New Cooking Recipes
New Workstations
New Plant Farming
New Storage Containers
New Weapons
New Weapon Mods
New Tools
New Quests
New Ammo Types
New Traps
New Armor
New Clothes
Dismantle or Convert Ammo
Safe Lockpicks
Legendary Weapons
Animal Snares
Chicken Coops
More Vanilla Recipes
More Dynamic Loot
Custom Icons
Custom UI
More on Valmod:

Feral Dogs
Rare Zombie Cop (Drops Purple Loot)

Server Settings:
North American Server
Daily restart 7:00 AM EST
20 Slots
Cloud Based Server Manager (shops, currencies, teleports, etc.)
Max level 200 - Mod
Craftable hatchet - Mod
Exploding arrows - Mod
Headshot instant kill - Mod
Random Gen Map
Difficulty - 2/5
AirDropRate - 72 hrs
Zombies run - night only
BloodMoonEnemyCount - 8 per player
Day/Night length - 24 in game hours
Day/Night length - 60 minutes
Drop on death - everything
Enemy difficulty - normal
Loot respawn days - 30
Max spawned zombies - 60
Max spawned animals - 50
LandClaimSize - 55
PvP is enabled, but not a focus


1. No building in cities
2. No spamming
3. No camping
4. No begging for items or anything
5. Swearing is allowed, but be repectful
6. Be respectful
7. No Skybases
8. No Dropmining
9. No griefing


Last Alliance Gaming is a gaming community full of gamers around the world, that play too many games to count. We have an active website with, forums, events, giveaways, and more. We also run a Discord server, and just have fun. Check us out and join our growing community of gamers! register to join!
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