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3rd party tools and software
Feb 18, 2014 5:08 PM
Joined: Aug 03, 2013
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Does anyone know of any 3rd party tools or software besides putty that can be used to manage a server? Also, how do I delete players with spaces in their names? The console just pukes back at me when I try to ban a player with spaces in their names. I realize this is Alpha, but if anyone of the Devs is listening, help your server operators. They do free publicity and marketing for your game, and they need good server admin tools to be successful as much as you need the game to be successful. There is a symbiotic relationship between server hosts and Devs and I hope you do not ignore this simple truth as much of your "ongoing" success will rest on those of us willing to actively run venues with your game. Good servers get good players, who in turn get more of their friends to buy the game and join up. Let's see some real server side features soon please.Help us help the game!