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Tips for Posting
Oct 26, 2014 7:58 PM
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GameTracker wants your ideas for new features and improvements to existing features. This forum was created to help consolidate feedback and make it easier for users to vote on new ideas. The more people who show interest in a feature, the more likely a feature will be added.

While not all ideas will be implemented, GameTracker will do its best to remain the top tracking website.

How does it work?

Reply with a +1 on ideas you want and add additional information, if desired.
Cannot find a post with your idea? Create your own!

How many times can I vote?

Vote as many times as you want, once per idea. However, we recommend voting on the ones which interest you the most.

What should I include in my post?

The answer is... it depends. You should include as much information as possible for us and the community to make sense of it. Be as specific as possible.

The best way to introduce an idea is to:
1. Start with a problem, limitation, or missing feature.
2. Follow with an idea to solve the problem.

Here's an example

What happens after I post?

Your post will sit there.
Depending on how many community members are interested, you will get +1's and additional feedback.
Our admins may or may not respond to it. A response or lack thereof by a GameTracker admin does not increase or decrease the chances of its implementation.

Any rules?

One topic per idea.
Keep replies on topic.
Do not bump an idea for the sole purpose of bringing it to the top or asking for a progress update.

Requesting a game
Requesting a banner/api/feed
I am retired from GameTracker after 11 years and will not be responsive for support requests.

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