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Read First - FAQ and Forum Guidelines
Aug 15, 2010 12:44 AM
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Never post your password, admin password, etc. We will not need any of them.

Where should I post/search for a question?

Bug Reports - Select GameTracker Bug Reports
GT Lite - Select GT Lite Client
Ideas - Select Ideas & Requests
Website Support - Select General Help. See also Guides & FAQ
Community, Game Support - Select your respective game.

To facilitate a person helping you, please be as detailed as possible.

Forum Guidelines:
The website is intended to be friendly towards people of ages older than 13+; therefore, users are not allowed to post nudity, graphic violence, illegal activity, and other inappropriate material. Swearing is acceptable given its use is minor and is not intended to be offensive.

You should not:
1. Post advertisements for commercial services or products unless you were approved.
2. Post advertisements for anything illegal, like cracked, non-steam, or other downloads.
3. Post flame topics or derail existing topics.
4. Spam multiple topics on the same issue.
5. Bump your topic within two days.

You should:
1. Post in English.
2. Create an accurate thread title.
3. Post in the most relevant forum.
4. Have enough content in your message to be meaningful.

These are only the common guidelines. There may be rules not listed in this thread that are enforced at the our discretion.
I am retired from GameTracker after 11 years and will not be responsive for support requests.

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